Low Pitch & Lean To

This system allows roof fitment down to 2.5° degrees. Featuring the use of ready made firrings or your own raked frames, it allows fitment of a lean-to conservatory to even the most awkward bungalow situation.

features & benefits

  • Available to suit both polycarbonate & glass options
  • Fully variable pitch (2.5° to 10°)
  • Available in all colour options
  • Structural firrings at 2.5° and 5° are available in the 3 colour options
  • Suitable for raked frames too
  • Tested and approved by the BBA down to 2.5°
  • Integrated wall plate ventilation system for additional comfort
  • Optional box gutter allows ‘work arounds’ on restricted soffit situations

Box Gutter Specification

When there is insufficient height, under the bungalow soffit it may necessary to utilise a box gutter with an extended leg and flange to gain extra height. In these situations, the box gutter MUST be supported by brick piers or gallows brackets. Always speak to the Technical Support Team about the correct design/specification in this area – the box gutter and structural gallows bracket are priced on a project by project basis.

firring specification

  • Available at 2.5° and 5° pitch in 3045mm and 4045mm lengths – these need to be cut to length on site.*
  • The firrings consist of a series of inter connected/locking profiles that are supplied pre-fabricated.
  • Firrings are supplied in 3 different ‘conditions’ to suit various projections and applications (see table below).
  • When specifying only one firring, it must be confirmed whether this is the left or right hand (as viewed externally from front of conservatory).
  • The guttering can be clipped to the firring allowing the guttering to run along the front and sides of the conservatory. This can save the need for a soakaway as the guttering can be routed back to the house and rain water dispersed down the dwelling’s existing fall pipes.

Recommended firring specification rules:
Prefix have gone one step further with these ready assembled interlocking profiles that not only fill the ‘hole’ between the side frames and the roof but which add substantial support to the whole structure particularly when doors are in the end elevations.

*When firrings are supplied with stage 2 steel reinforcement and are cut to length on site, it is essential that the retaining screws are refitted if removed (see left) Failure to do so may result in the steel moving or rattling when doors underneath are opened/closed.

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