Jul 2017

Conservatory Glass Roofs from Prefix

Glazed options for Conservatory Roof Replacements

Replacement conservatories has over recent years been a successful growing sector of the construction industry. 

Installers across the UK are recognising more and more that demand for this particular type of home improvement is rising and they are expanding the range of options they are able to offer to homeowners. Conservatory replacement roofs were first introduced into the market about 10 years ago and have since then grown dramatically through the various enhancements that have developed. Conservatories, which became popular in the 1980’s were mostly fitted using poor performance poly carbonate roofs which have since deteriorated over time. Homeowners are now looking to replace them with high quality roofs to better enjoy their additional space, choosing either a glass roof or solid, tiled roof.

Replacing a polycarbonate conservatory roof will transform your customers additional living space into a bright and comfortable environment with the use of thermal efficient glass. The glass technology in all our glass roofs will not only maximise the amount of light transmission into the conservatory but will also prove to be a great investment due to the thermally energy efficient qualities allowing your customer to use their conservatory all year round.

The majority of our glass roofs are supplied with performance solar control glass which has a unique coating on the glass providing the dual effect of allowing sunlight in, while repelling solar heat. This allows the indoor space to stay bright, yet much cooler than would be the case if normal glass were used. This is one of the main problems homeowners face with older conservatories that have polycarbonate roofs, they are often too hot in summer months and too cold in the winter months. We have a wide range of glass options available from leading manufacturers such as Saint Gobain and Pilkingtons. With various U values, G values, light transmission percentages, tints and properties such as self-cleaning and warm edge technology, we have glazing options to suit your customer’s needs. The most popular choice for glass roofs is self-cleaning blue which comes as standard.

When specifying glass for a conservatory roof, many people choose solar controlled glass but do not consider replacing their sidewalls, which can still allow the conservatory to be too hot and uncomfortable, particularly if they are south or west facing. Our range of specific side frame glass combines solar control and thermal insulating properties. The glass will also save homeowners money on energy bills too proving a wise investment. You can even reduce the bleaching effect of the sun on furniture and carpets by specifying a 6.4mm laminated glass in side frame glazing.

So if your customer is looking to replace their polycarbonate conservatory roof, you can provide them with many options for a glazed roof that will not only keen the temperature controlled, but also save them money on energy bills and allow them to use their extra living space all year round.

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