Sep 2017

Building Regulations & WARMroof

What you need to know about building control when using installing our WARMroof

Many local building control authorities will ask for a building control certificate for replacement roofs and we would always recommend that the installer contacts their local authority to obtain their view on the project before work commences. 

To make the process easier for the homeowner and installer alike, the WARMroof has type approval certification from LABC/LABSS - the body in charge of local authority control in England, Scotland and Wales and also independent inspectorate JHAI. LABC/LABSS certification also states WARMroof can be used as part of a home extension project in addition to conservatory roof replacements.

WARMroof has undergone rigorous independent analysis both thermally and structurally in order to obtain type approval from both the LABC/LABSS and JHAI, the installer and homeowner can be rest assured that the WARMroof is fit for purpose in any location and will stand to meet the test of time to deliver unrivalled technical performance.

If you are planning to re-roof an existing conservatory with a solid roof rather than a translucent roof, then a Building Regulation Application is typically required, although we recommend you seek the advice from your local authority. This is because conservatories and porches are traditionally lightweight in nature and not generally designed to carry the weight of a solid roof. Therefore, there is a real possibility of movement or even collapse and the application is needed to ensure that this will not occur and the proposed replacement roof is fit for purpose.

Type approval of the WARMroof means that the process of obtaining a building control certificate for your project is very straightforward. In having the certification from LABC/LABSS and JHAI, the pre-approval of the system means that the delays associated with applying building control certification are eliminated. The pre-approval system is designed to fast track the approval process, speeding up the whole installation of the WARMroof.

To apply you simply need to fill out an application form which we can send to you on request. Please email marketing@prefixsystems.co.uk

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