Dec 2016

Why the Double Glazing Blogger chose a Verandah

Double Glazing blogger,  Jason Grafton-Holt recently had our Verandah installed at his home. So why did he choose this product over a glazed extension? Read on to find out more!

Originally, when Jason moved into his new home, there was an old, tired PVC conservatory on the rear of his home which as part of one of his home improvement projects, he decided to demolish. The conservatory which was there for 3 years after he moved in, was never used as intended due to the usual problems of being too hot in the Summer and then too cold in the Winter. Despite there being other, more advanced glazing options, Jason decided to go for a Verandah to replace his conservatory and here is why:

Space - with there only being two people living in his house and only needing to use a few rooms, he didn't want a new conservatory to just become a dumping ground and felt they just wouldn't feel inclined to use this extra space. 

Entertaining - One of Jason's biggest draws for choosing a Verandah is that it creates a brilliant area in which to entertain. The patio area is a pretty decent size and will easily fit his bar, outdoor table, chairs and patio heater. The Verandah creates an environment Jason and his fiance can entertain friends and family all year round. 

Appeal - It's hard to deny that the Verandah has genuine appeal. It is perhaps the best looking glazed canopy solution on the market right now. Stating his views on the Verandah, Jason said "The appearance is spot on and the pricing on point too."

Something Different - More than anything else, Jason chose the Verandah over a glazed extension as he wanted to go for something different. "A glazed extension isn't the only option in the world when it comes to outdoor living solutions. I saw the Verandah for the first time at the FIT show in April and it immediately stood out to me as a good solution for people who want to make the most of their garden space but don't want anything as heavy duty as an extension."

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