Jun 2017

uPVC Vs. Aluminium?

With many options on the market, how do you choose between uPVC or Aluminium?

Homeowners replacing their windows are often unsure which option they should go for. For many years, uPVC was the popular choice yet more recently, Aluminium has started to replace the popularity of uPVC due to its unrivalled qualities. So, which should you offer your customer? 

uPVC in a relatively inexpensive material that offers excellent insulation and demands pretty little care and attention. Popular in mainly white, it costs a lot less than the aluminium choice but it also has its downfalls. uPVC although the more cheaper option is a less long term choice for windows due to its shorter shelf life and lack of value it adds to the property. It is also a much weaker material than Aluminium meaning the frames must be much thicker therefore reducing the amount of natural daylight that floods into the home. uPVC windows are a great choice if the homeowner is looking for effective insulation for a reasonable price, short term.

Aluminium on the other hand although more expensive, lasts a lot longer in any property making it a longer-term investment. Aluminium windows are available in hundreds of RAL colours and once powder coated, they are very well protected from rust and discolouration. It is also much more environmentally friendly than uPVC and the energy used to product Aluminium is much lower making it an excellent choice for those homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint. One downfall for Aluminium is its weakness as an insulator however many Alitherm windows from Smart Systems this issue is addressed with their superior insulation especially from their new Heritage 47 windows which carry a U value of 1.5 W/m2K. Plus since metal frames are stronger, they’re able to hold thicker glazing with a narrowed frame – which can actually lend them an advantage in terms of efficiency.

Prefix Systems also have our own ‘Opus Composite’ range which is a system created using Aluminium on the external face and hardwood timber on the internal face. Homeowners are particularly impressed with Opus due to its ability to match the hardwood to their skirting boards, window boards and other internal joinery for a much more aesthetically pleasing result – not forgetting the fantastic attributes Aluminium on the external has to offer.

We supply a wide range of Aluminium windows & doors for all properties. If you require further information on any of our Aluminium products or Opus system, please email our marketing department: marketing@prefixsystems.co.uk

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