Jul 2019

The Importance of a Showroom

With recent investment in our new showroom, we look into why it was so important for us to make this decision now

Since our product offering has significantly grown, we felt it was important now to have a space where customers have the opportunity to see everything we have to offer.  It gives them the option to see and feel products that they will be offering to consumers rather than going in unsure and risk installing a product that is of low quality. It gives them the chance to see our products in detail and to feel more confident about their purchase. 

We want our customers to believe in our products and trust us a brand. We understand that gaining customer trust is huge, and putting our products out on physical display is an honest move. When a product isn’t wrapped away or hidden behind an online photo, customers get a better sense of the products' value. With the showroom open all day, everyday we want to encourage customers both existing and new to visit the space anytime to see the products, how they are constructed and to have the opportunity to speak to a member of our team should they have any questions. 

We also wanted a space for our customers to show their customers the products that are on offer. A lot of smaller businesses might not have showroom space of their own and with our products being a huge investment for homeowners, many want to physically see the products before they spend thousands of pounds on something they don't feel confident about. 

A showroom space was something we discussed for a while but finally took the plunge this year as our product range has not only grown, but also diversified. We have a lot to offer and we wanted a space to show them off - to both trade and consumers. We also intend on this space being used as a training facility going forward to both staff and customers. 

If you would like to visit the showroom or even use this space for yourself, please email showroom@prefixsystems.co.uk - come along and see for yourself 'The Greatest Showroom!'

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