Jun 2017

Kömmerling Pergola - New to Outdoor Living

New to our Outdoor Living range is the Kömmerling Pergola

If you saw us at the FIT Show, you'll have noticed the latest product which we have added to our Outdoor Living range of products - the Kömmerling Pergola.

The KÖMMERLING PERGOLA is a visual highlight in every garden and on every terrace. Thanks to its intelligent roof design and aluminium construction, this Pergola presents a stable, appealing oasis of peace in every environment. Its concealed drainage, corrosion resistance, and easy-care powder finished surface make it a refined, high quality eye catcher. The adjustable roof slats provide the ideal protection against sun and rain. Light and shade can therefore be regulated quite easily to personal preferences. Yet not only the slats can be adjusted specifically to the light conditions, 16 different models and 300 colour variants leave scarcely any wish unfulfilled, providing versatility to cater all individual tastes.

Additional shading can be added in the form of electric roller blinds on open elevations and glass curtains provide additional protection from the weather. Due to the flexibility of this product, the Pergola is equally suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.


- 16 styles to choose from

- Made from low maintenance and weatherproof aluminium

- Choose from over 300 powder coatings: matt, glossy or textured

- UV proof

- Weather proof and weather resistance

- Up to 7 m in width and the headroom is 2.5 metres.

- The slats open automatically at 4 °C

- Remote control and optional sensors

- Concealed drainage

- Some models, e.g. the lux variant, can be fitted very easily with side components like roller blinds, sliding shutters, glazing, screens, and illuminated strips.

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