Nov 2016

Changing our Sponsonship!

We have swapped our category sponsorship for this year's National Fenestration Awards. 

As we were winners of the National Fenestration Awards 'Conservatory Roof Fabricator 2015' last year, this year we decided to sponsor this category instead. However after receiving nominations for this category again and making into the shortlist, we felt it was only right to sponsor a different category as we didn't feel it was right for a category sponsor to be in the running to potentially win the same category award. Naturally we have decided to move over to sponsor the 'Timber Alternative' category as this sector of the market is really heating up and contains some great businesses!

Jason Grafton- Holt who is co-founder of the NFAs commented "the fact that Prefix wish to move category since their nomination in the Conservatory Roof Fabricator category demonstrates their  positive attitude towards the NFAs. Their desire to change their category sponsorship shows they are keeping the credibility of that category as priority and that is something you don't always see from this industry. 

Vote for us to WIN the Conservatory Roof Fabricator award here. You need to register (only takes 2 minutes) but please spare the time to help us win!!

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