May 2018

Our Guide to Aluminium

We have just launched a new 52 page brochure dedicated to aluminium

We have just published a new 52-page brochure dedicated to aluminium glazing. The brochure includes various types of windows, patio and bi-folding doors, along with roofs for full kit aluminium extensions such as the URBANroom and of course the beautiful OPUS hybrid range of glazing. 

Despite the aluminium glazing sector remaining one of the most buoyant parts of the industry, installers have lacked information on product ranges and have been limited with the images and marketing deliverables from the systems houses, who have typically focused their efforts on the commercial sector. This comprehensive new aluminium systems brochure has been designed as a single source of information for installers, but it can also be used with consumers too.

Pages and spreads cover a very capable and detailed range of systems with key product features highlighted and supported with cross sectional images, along with opening configurations as a separate section. Security is highlighted with Ultion and Lock Lock options which are becoming increasingly specified, as consumers look for the reassurance of extreme home security. 

Glazed roofs, lantern roofs are covered as is the impressive contemporary URBANroom with its unique contemporary deep section gutter shroud. The final product within the guide is OPUS which is a range of windows, doors and glazed roof types that benefit from aluminium to the outside, with the sheer beauty of hardwood timber to the inside.

Given aluminium’s diversity in terms of finish options, there’s a final spread on colours from the metallic Sensations range, heritage Cotswold shades and the rich Naturals collection.

Hannah Gilrane, our marketing co-ordinator comments: ‘We’ve worked tirelessly to put this aluminium brochure together, which we believe is unrivalled in terms of content and breadth of information. It’s the perfect flagship publication to support our dedicated aluminium manufacturing plant, which supports our four branches which serve the entire UK mainland.’

To request the new aluminium brochure, e-mail marketing@prefixsystems.co.uk.


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