Mar 2018

'Tis the Season for Outdoor Living

Add the Verandah from Prefix to your Product Portfolio

With the clocks going forward next weekend and the snow disruptions of the winter hopefully now behind us, Prefix Systems looks forward to the opportunities that outdoor living provides and specifically for our impressive and beautiful Verandah.

The Prefix Verandah is something that we’ve designed, engineered and developed in-house through our R&D function, which has spurned a number of technically advanced and great looking products, such as WARMroof and URBANroom in recent years. Like with all of our product developments, we have actively engaged with our customers so that we embrace the feedback from those important trade partners that will ultimately sell our products.

Our remit as a business is broader than many in the improvement market, yet with roofing at our core. Verandah has been developed as system with impressive adaptability and features, so we can offer an impressive range of designs not only for the homeowner, but also for commercial  applications.

In the UK we have a passion for the great outdoors and we believe we barbeque more than any other European nation, despite the unpredictable weather. A Verandah is a perfect solution offering three-season usage and arguably four with our infra-red Ecosun patio heaters, which work by means of long wave infrared rays being absorbed by any objects which then dissipate the energy back as heat, so extremely efficient. They’re easy to install and also benefit from low running costs.

Verandah is based not only on functionality, but on exceptional product design, with aluminium forming most of the structure with optional decorative feet, collars and bracket detail, based on traditional aesthetics. Glazing bars can either be Quantal architectural aluminium or contemporary Ultraframe PVCu and the option of double glazed units or polycarbonate, which mount into a ventilated wall plate. In addition to these design features, we are now also able to offer the Verandah with square posts as well as our standard rounded option.   

The Verandah is available in a wide range of colours options in addition to our standard black crackle finish, with literally hundreds of RAL colours to choose from, there’s the opportunity to create something a little more unique. We can even colour match a colour sourced by the consumer.

As an award-winning company with exemplary levels of customer service, Verandah has also been developed with the installer in mind. A simple base fixing plate can be used either beneath or at ground level and there’s built in tolerance for post height levelling and fixing, and we can even offer a partially assembled kit, allowing for installation in just a matter of hours.

Technical specification allows for either a gutter system or a 250mm bar end overhang detail and the span between posts is a maximum of 3 metres. Designs also include straight lean to, slayed lean to or even ‘L’ shapes. There’s also the promise of full customer and technical support from four branches serving the entire UK.

Each year the market for outdoor living is realising strong growth and an increasing number of installation companies are looking for something new in which to engage homeowners. Verandah is a solution for anyone and often a great option where there’s no requirement for direct access from the back of a property into a new room. It’s very much a low cost, high return investment for homeowners to their existing properties.

With exciting colours, impressive technical credentials, beautiful product design and installer marketing deliverables, we again expect to see strong sales for Verandah this year, after all it’s a great addition to any home and for a modest cost. The outdoor living season is now upon us and so there has never been a better time to add this system to your product portfolio. 

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