Sep 2016

CLEARView - Our Newest Product

CLEARView is a fixed contemporary roof-light system which provides maximum daylight with minimal framework. 

The CLEARView roof-light which can also be known as a 'skylight' is the ideal way to let light into a room through a traditional  flat-roof or easily incorporated in an Orangery to create a modern, contemporary look. 

The CLEARView light system is a contemporary slim, sight-line design with a unique drainage system. It has a fully insulated frame and comes with self cleaning glass as standard. The self cleaning glass allows water to freely flow off the glass unlike any other skylight. This ensures the water is not left on the glass to dry leaving residue and dirt. 

This roof-light system is quick and simple to install and can be supplied in any RAL colour. We can offer it in bespoke sizes and is security designed in as standard. It has superior thermal performance with 'u' values as low as 0.6 w/m²k.

If you would like any information on CLEARView - our newest product, email marketing@prefixsystems.co.uk.

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