Oct 2016

WARMRoof - The Facts

If your customers are looking for a tiled roof to replace their existing one, offer them the best. Our WARMRoof by name & design is the most configurable and structurally robust solid, insulated roof in the UK market. 

WARMRoof is the first off-site constructed 'warm roof' of its kind in the sector that has been designed and engineered from scratch. This has been ensured that it is the most innovative, desirable, aesthetically pleasing advanced roof system available for home extensions and conservatory renovation projects.

So what is WARMRoof? How does it work? Why choose WARMRoof? 

Here are some facts about the product:

-) The insulation sits above the roof structure and therefore eliminates any bridge between the rafters and roof covering and importantly, removes the need for any battening.

-) The only system to be insulated at the eaves to prevent condensation.

-) Preformed insulated panels for ease of installation and handling, makes for better installation process.

-) Any roof design, pitch or angles can be achieved.

-) Perfect for conservatory replacement projects.

-) Panels drop into place easily and the roof can be fully installed within just 2 days.

-) Can be used in garden rooms, sun rooms, single story extensions, conservatories and orangeries. 

-) It's energy efficient and sound proof.

-) There are two tiles available; Tapco & Lightweight tile and they come in a variety of colours to blend in with your customers home.

-) Robust, structurally tested and engineered using cutting edge roofing design and proven construction techniques. 

-) Can withstand the very harshest of climates in the UK.

-) Every WARMRoof is built in our factory making the installation process easier & quicker to install and reducing disruption on site.

-) WARMRoof is fully guaranteed for 10 years with the Lightweight tile carrying a 25 year warranty and Tapco, a 40 year warranty. 

To request a FREE trade brochure for our WARMRoof system, email marketing@prefixsystems.co.uk.

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