Nov 2016

Showroom Solid Roof Conversion

Earlier on this year, one of our customers B & P in Wakefield began an outdoor show site transformation with the hope to further boost leads and sales of glazed extensions. Now they have finished we are proud to show off one of the refurbishments and share with you photos before, during and after their most recent transformation. 


Oct 2016

WARMRoof - The Facts

If your customers are looking for a tiled roof to replace their existing one, offer them the best. Our WARMRoof by name & design is the most configurable and structurally robust solid, insulated roof in the UK market. 


Sep 2016

R9 Luxury Windows

We now offer a beautiful heritage window which has been designed to replicate the 19th Century flush sash timber window and features traditional ironmongery and handles in a range of 13 exclusive colours. 


Sep 2016

CLEARView - Our Newest Product

CLEARView is a fixed contemporary roof-light system which provides maximum daylight with minimal framework. 


Sep 2016


Part of our Outdoor Living Range collection

In the UK we’re obsessed with the weather and given the slightest chance we like to enjoy the world outside, light up the barbeque and share a few beers with friends and family. On days with the full benefit of sunshine this is all well and good, but what about those days when there’s a small amount of drizzle or wind? That’s when Verandah comes into its own.


Jul 2016

A New Luxury Brand - OPUS Aluminium & Timber Composite

Windows, Doors & Orangeries

Prefix Systems launched their luxury Opus brand to great acclaim at the FIT Show. Proof that glazed composite products satisfy a consumer and architectural demand for high end, non PVCu products.

Whether you call it a luxury or super-premium brand, the fact is that our new Opus window, door, conservatory, Orangery and lantern roof system is already gaining considerable interest from within the industry and indeed, further afield. We firmly believe at this end of the sector consumers and architects are not only looking for real differential in terms of product design, but also in the materials used.

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