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16th August 2021

Doors to get a Handle of

With holidays hanging in the balance, many of us are looking to improve our homes including the continuing boom in demand for quality domestic entrance doors.

Adding a secure and aesthetically pleasing front door is fast becoming a must-have for many consumers with them being the real statement piece of the home and bland, functional doors a thing of the past. But the dilemma for many homeowners is how do they choose?

Sales of aluminium windows & doors have accelerated over the past 5 years and demand is continuing to increase for many reasons with security being the main one where consumers are concerned. Prefix  offer a choice of entrance doors from our newly branded Aluminium range ‘Opal’. Hannah Wilson, Marketing Manager explains; “Opal was developed to benefit new and existing customers with ever-growing interest and sales in aluminium windows and doors for a number of markets. Creating a brand for aluminium was important to allow us and our trade partners to stand out in a growing and competitive market. The Opal brand allows our customers to sell products that are recognised as being of high quality, reliable and affordable”.

‘Opal Ornate’ is a range of high performance residential single and double doors that offer homeowners quality assurance and peace of mind. These doors will impress any guests and keep out intruders due to their unbeatable strength and security – something we have found to be increasingly important to homeowners. The ‘Designer’ door offering ‘Opal Opulence’ is their most prestigious door which offers a wide range of designs split into 4 categories: Modern, Traditional, Cottage and Vintage meaning regardless of the style of property, there is an Opal Opulence door for every discerning homeowner.

Both doors are available in a range of designs, colours and finishes including the ever-popular textured anthracite grey and more increasingly popular, we have noticed an increase in interest for pale blue colours such as Pastel and Sky Blue. ‘Opal Ornate’ offers an extensive 24 designs to choose from with ‘Opal Opulence’ offering over 40 as we look to satisfy consumer thirst for unusual and unique designs – mainly those with glass elements.

Door furniture will have a major impact on the overall appearance of the door. Each door is available with a choice of handles with pull bar handles remaining a firm favourite across both ranges both internally & externally.

Prefix  was one of the first to realise the important of being online with the development of our brand-new website which also includes and online pricing feature for a number of products. Hannah commented “With the whole industry extremely busy we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our installer partners to get quotes to their customers. You can design online our Opal Opulence doors and get a price back in under an hour; within office working hours. The feature is on our website. We have also noticed a huge interest from homeowners looking for the freedom to go online and design their own front door choosing everything from panel design to colours and hardware”.

We also understands the important of supporting our customers with distinctive marketing materials to enable them to differentiate from their competitors and grow their business Thus, we have our own range of Opal brochures including a dedicated brochure for Opal Entrance doors so you have the tools you need to impress consumers with the Opal range of industry leading entrance doors. The 28 page brochure features information on both door offerings, including images of all door panel designs, hardware, security and locking information and colour ranges.

To request a free copy of our Opal Entrance door brochure email and visit to design Opal Opulence online. 

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