The WARMroof system from Prefix Systems is the most configurable and structurally robust solid, insulated and tiled roof in the UK market, as our exhaustive testing and research has shown. It’s the first off-site constructed ‘warm roof’ of its kind in the sector that has been designed and engineered from scratch. This has ensured that it is the most innovative, desirable, aesthetically pleasing and advanced roof system available for home extensions and conservatory renovation projects.

Flexible design with high performance

Our WARMroof system is perfect for conservatory replacement projects as well as new build sunrooms, garden rooms and extensions, due to its innovative and flexible design. It’s also the most configurable and capable in the sector.

Other insulated and tiled roof systems for the home improvement sector have not been designed using the modern and accepted best method of ‘warm roof’ construction. They have chosen the use of ‘cold roof’ construction, which our research has shown can result in the risk of condensation for six months of the year. Structural integrity, warm roof construction, design configurability and ease of installation are the four corner stones of the WARMroof system, which has been designed and engineered by Prefix Systems and is available, along with on-site technical support, from our three separate branches, which serve the entire UK.


WARMroof Features

  • Use of ‘A’ frames means quicker installation times.
  • Robust fixed joints at the apex to resist movement. Important when applying a plastered finish internally.
  • No ridge section, as seen on traditional roof design adds to configurability of the system.
  • Proven to the latest Eurocodes – so it’s structurally proven in all UK postcodes.
  • Structurally tested to take the weight of lightweight tiles or traditional clay or slate tiles.
  • Hub assembly with hub locks for quick and accurate installation.
  • Any roof design, pitch or angles can be achieved.
  • Perfect for conservatory replacement projects.
  • Velux roof lights can be prefixed into the panel to speed up installation and can be glazed into hipped ends.
  • One-piece hip and ridge cappings for the WARMroof system makes for quick installation, with built in gaskets for better weather performance.
  • Only system to be insulated at the eaves to prevent condensation.
  • Preformed insulated panels for ease of installation and handling makes for a better installation process.
  • Insulation forms part of the panel and the top layer sits above the aluminium structure forming a true ‘warm roof’.
  • Velux roof lights are pre-fixed into the insulated panel for quicker installation.
  • Soffit and fascia overhang detail if required, making for a traditional roof appearance.
  • Can create an internal pelmet detail, which is pre-cut to roof size for lighting or fixing of blinds.
  • Innovative hip design to accommodate different roof pitches and angles.
  • Panels drop into place easily and the roof can be fully installed within two days.
  • Lightweight tiles do not require an external batten to install and is guaranteed without any batten as it’s a ‘warm roof’ construction.

Building Control & WARMroof

Type approval of the WARMroof means that the process of obtaining a building control certificate for your project is very straightforward. In having the certification from LABC/LABSS and jhai, the pre-approval of the system means that the delays associated with applying building control certification are eliminated. The pre-approval system is designed to fast track the approval process, speeding up the whole installation of the WARMroof.

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