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Sheerline S1 Aluminium Roof Lantern

S1 Roof Lantern

The UK’s most secure lantern

Flood your home in light with our ultra secure, thermally efficient lanterns.

Flood your home in light

Choosing the right roof lantern for your home is an important decision. They should let in the maximum amount of light, yet keep heat in your home and would be intruders out. Letting you enjoy more natural light and amazing night time views of the stars, while bringing a sense of space and tranquillity to your home. This is why we have designed the S1 aluminium roof lantern from the ground up to meet your every need. Building on years of experience, we’ve incorporated many new innovative ideas to create a warmer, slimmer and much more secure roof lantern.

Thermlock® multi-chamber technology

Helps keep you comfortable and heating bills lower.

The S1 lantern combines aluminium’s clean lines with exceptional thermal performance and features our innovative Thermlock® multi-chamber technology to keep you and your property well insulated against the worst of the UK weather. This coupled to high performance 28mm glazing means our lantern roofs offer class leading thermal performance, far superior to traditional polyamide systems based around 24mm glazing.

Flush Intelligent Ventilation

Let fresh air into your room through your S1 lantern, with SheerVent®.

With a sleek minimalist design that sits perfectly flush with S1’s discreet rafter bars, and with optional powered actuators that can be intelligently automated, Sheerline has reimagined roof vents, bringing them into the 21st century at last.

Fully thermally broken and using the same high-performance 28mm glazing as the rest of the S1 roof, SheerVent® adds a versatile option to your roof lantern.

Optional rain, and rain, wind and light sensors can automate the closing of your roof vent for added peace of mind.


A range of colours to suit every home and interior.

Sheerline lanterns are available in three standard powder coated colours, with the option of choosing a different colour for the interior to help you create the look that is perfect for your property.

Bespoke Lantern Colour Examples

Bespoke colours can also be ordered to accent, or match your particular project requirement.

Technical Details

The UK’s most secure, sustainable & stylish roof lantern

Sheerline aluminium roof lanterns are available in a choice of 10 styles from square ‘pyramid’ designs to grander options suitable for larger ‘orangery’ style installations. Maximum sizes range from 2.4 up to an impressive 6m long, all set at a 25 ̊ pitch and all weather rated for the whole of the UK*.

S1 lanterns also feature an integral LED light channel around the perimeter of the roof – giving you an easy way to add mood lighting and add the final touch of individuality to your interior.

Made from the most recycled and abundant metal in the Earth’s crust and produced in the most energy efficient aluminium window facility in the UK, all Sheerline products are manufactured in the most sustainable way possible. Our state-of-the-art, energy efficient SMS HYBREX press delivers energy savings of up to 55% compared to traditional presses.

The design of our systems also vastly reduces fabrication waste, minimising the unnecessary consumption of raw material and helping reduce your home’s carbon footprint. This coupled to the high level of energy efficiency built into every product helps build towards a greener future for all.



Anti-tamper screws, anti-tamper glazing, security tape and the unique high security ridge end make for ultimate security
Secure by Design (SBD) laminate glass upgrade available
Thermlock® technology keeps the property insulated & heating bills low
28mm glazing provides a 1.0 U-value W/(m2K) centre pane*
Unique co-extruded perimeter seal ensures draughts & rain are kept outside
Slim, consistent 50mm rafter, hip and ridge sightlines maximise the light
Ultra low line aesthetics so rafter & hip top cap sit close to the glazing level on the exterior
Corner & rafter end can run perfectly in line with the perimeter of the lantern so no unsightly angles jut out.
Available in a range of colours to suit every home & interior (3 standard powder coated colours)
Option to choose a different colour for the interior and exterior
Bespoke RAL colours can be specified to match your project requirements (available in matt, satin or gloss finishes)
Available in a choice of 10 styles from square ‘pyramid’ designs to grander options suitable for larger ‘orangery’ projects
Maximum sizes go up to 3.2m wide by an impressive 6m long
All lanterns are set at a 25° pitch and weather rated for the whole of the UK*
Integral LED light channel features around the perimeter of the roof giving you an easy way to add mood lighting
Proudly designed and manufactured in the heart of the UK

*Rated for a snow load of 1.2 KN/m2. Covering the whole of the UK up to 200m altitude.

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