Oct 2017

CASE STUDY: Verandah with Ecosun Terrace Heater

The perfect pair for allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space

With the Outdoor Living market growing substantially as more homeowners look to make the most of their gardens and outdoor space, the Verandah from Prefix is becoming an extremely popular product providing shelter from the weather along with shade in the summer months.

This installation of the Verandah by The Window Exchange also features an Ecosun Terrace Heater which is a new product we launched at the FIT Show. The homeowner wanted the Verandah to allow him to enjoy his garden all year round and with the addition of the heater, he is able to relax outdoors for even longer periods.

The Verandah which is now also available in any RAL colour is available as a straight lean to, splayed lean to and ‘L’ shapes with the option of either a gutter system or with overhang detail. The roof is the classic roof system from Ultraframe which you can choose to have glazed with 24mm double glazed units or 25mm polycarbonate. With fast lead times and quick installation (within the day) it’s no wonder this is such a popular product. We are also seeing tremendous growth in interest for commercial applications such as restaurants, bars and schools etc.

The Ecosun Terrace Heater which we featured on our stand at this year’s FIT Show is designed for the zonal heating of enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces where they are protected against direct contact with the effects of the weather (i.e. under a Verandah) These heaters are maintenance free and omit long-wave infrared waves which are absorbed by objects or space, this then dissipates the energy as heat. Infrared heaters heat the structural elements within outdoor space which store the warmth much more efficiently than gas patio heaters which do little to store warmth and are very costly to run.

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