Nov 2016

Showroom Solid Roof Conversion

Earlier on this year, one of our customers B & P in Wakefield began an outdoor show site transformation with the hope to further boost leads and sales of glazed extensions. Now they have finished we are proud to show off one of the refurbishments and share with you photos before, during and after their most recent transformation. 

At B & P, they have both an indoor window and door showroom and an outdoor showsite with five conservatories and glazed extensions. Over the past few years they have been steadily upgrading and replacing the older, more tired looking conservatories so that they represent the evolved products they now use & sell. They have already replaced two; one in black and one in white, both with Cornice gutters and Livin' Rooms. One of them has Loggia columns and the other has detailed corner posts from Window Widgets. 


Next to be refurbished was their old white PVCu Gable Conservatory with a very dated conservatory roof and they decided it was time for a WARMRoof. As they had already installed solid roofs before, they thought it made perfect sense to install one on here. They also decided that it was time to show off some Aluminium windows and doors so as part of the project, we supplied the solid WARMRoof, two Velux windows and four section Anthracite Grey Aluminum bi-folding doors, single fully glazed residential door and a double opening Aluminium window, again in Anthracite Grey.


When it comes to a showroom or show site renovation, they tend to take a little longer than planned and this one did. B & P started this at a time when they were extremely busy (perhaps the busiest they had been for a few years!) However they found the time in between slots and planned accordingly & it all went pretty smoothly.


Once the frames and roof was done, it was time to timber up ready for plastering and electrics. Jason from B & P stated "The great thing about the WARMRoof from Prefix is that once it's fitted, works like plastering and electrics are a breeze. Simple for our trades to crack on with the job at hand making the whole process more efficient."

Once the plaster dried, they added some skirting boards and shiny grey tiles, all that was left to do was paint and furnish. The end result was truly stunning. 


B & P all love the transformation and it is now their new favorite thing to show off to homeowners - plus the response has been brilliant. They have already quoted for more glazed extension contracts and all with solid roofs. 


Jason also stated "This is a perfect example of why I believe suppliers should support their installers when it comes to showroom samples & installations. It is very difficult for an installer to sell a product when they don't have a physical example to show off to a homeowner. I want to give a big shout out to Prefix Systems, their support was crucial in this transformation and their faith in our show site and future sales potential is greatly appreciated."


Click here to read the full article about this transformation at B & P by the Glazing Blogger. 


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