Aug 2017

Opus; Aluminium & Timber together

Windows, Doors & Roofs don't come anymore beautiful than Opus

Opus is our own bespoke composite system which features Aluminium on the external face and hardwood timber on the internal face. 

For centuries, we’ve been installing timber windows into houses, commercial properties and stately homes, but as a material inspired by nature, it does need an element of ongoing maintenance.

Windows don’t come any more beautiful or indeed functional than Opus. With literally hundreds of RAL colours to choose from on the outside, along with different hardwood finishes to the inside, we can design and manufacture windows, doors and now even lantern roofs to be as individual as the property.

Not only are the properties and aesthetics outstanding, but we have also engineered key features to help make the windows more secure, with the latest multi-point locking mechanisms, which are fixed through the internal timber face to the aluminium structure.

Launching soon is Opus 2 which is a development on our already popular and well received original Opus product. It will feature new Aluminium profiles and also timber finishes to the inside. Corner samples as well as full window samples will be available too as part of our ever-growing marketing support so you can feature Opus 2 in your showrooms & sites. Many homeowners love the high-end qualities of Opus and that they can match their Opus windows and doors to their existing skirting boards, window boards and other internal joinery mouldings. 

As you would expect from a premium brand, we also only use the finest handles, hinges and locking mechanisms to help make the home not only beautiful but also highly secure.Opus comes with a 10-year warranty on all products, yet they have a life expectancy of well over 25 years. If you would like to see a brochure on Opus or speak to a member of the team about this product, please contact marketing@prefixsystems.co.uk or read more about Opus on our website here

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