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20th June 2017

Ecosun Terrace Heaters

The perfect partner for Verandah

Prefix now supply the Ecosun Terrace Heater; our newest product to our Outdoor Living range - as featured on our stand at the FIT Show

Ecosun Terrace Heaters are designed for the zonal heating of enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces where they are protected against direct contact with the effects of the weather. This makes them ideal for structures such as conservatories, Verandas, balconies and terraces. These heaters are maintenance free and omit long-wave infrared waves which are absorbed by objects in the room or space, this then dissipates the energy as heat. 

Infrared works like the suns rays, when you step out of the shade into direct sunlight, it immediately feels much warmer even though the air temperature is pretty much the same. Infrared heaters heat the structural elements within a room or outside space which store the warmth much more efficiently than gas patio heaters which do little to store warmth and are very costly to run.


- Cost effective and efficient

- Radiant heat can be directed onto seating areas, is not diffused by windy conditions and does not waste heat in a 360 circle like other heating options.

- Easy to install

- Maintenance free

- Clean & modern design

- Ideal for indoor or outdoor use (in sheltered applications)

- Available in two sizes 1000 or 1500 Watt versions

These heaters are available to purchase from Prefix and are a particularly good seller with our Verandah product - allowing homeowners to enjoy the outdoors even longer all year around. Prices for the Ecosun heaters start from just £275+VAT.

To request more information or to order a heater, please contact our marketing department by emailing or telephoning 01254 871800.

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