Mar 2018

WARMroof & Building Regulations

The WARMroof from Prefix is jhai, LABC & LABSS approved

Our solid roof system is jhai, LABC & LABSS approved meaning it it compliant with Building Regulations throughout the UK and Scotland.


Feb 2018

Marketing Support from Prefix

Supporting you with the tools to succeed

With an impressive array of brochures, flyers, samples and point of sale materials, we have now put together a 20-page brochure to highlight the expansive range of marketing materials available for our nationwide network of trade partners.


Jan 2018

Aluminium Bifolding & Sliding Doors

Open up this summer with bi-folding and sliding aluminium doors

Aluminium has become a well-accepted and popular alternative to timber and PVC for both doors and windows. With Aluminium carrying a wide range of desired properties including great thermal qualities, superior strength, enhanced security and more pleasing aesthetics, it’s a growing market that fabricators and installers are keen to add to their product portfolio. 


Jan 2018

Verandah - Making the most of the Outdoors

Part of our outdoor living collection; the Verandah & Ecosun Heaters

The Verandah from Prefix increases the amount of time homeowners and consumers spend outdoors as they provide shelter and protection from the weather. 


Jan 2018

WARMroof - NEW Literature for 2018

We have updated both our Consumer Brochure & Product Guide for our WARMroof System

When it comes to supporting our customers, providing literature to aid you with sales is one of our top priorities. Marketing support ultimately allows us to provide you with all the information you need to sell our products and grow your business. 


Jan 2018

In-House Colour Bonding

We now offer in house colour bonding for all PVC roofs

Since we have brought our colour bonding and spraying facilities in house, we are able to improve quality and speed up lead times.

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Contact Our Experts

Our expert support team can discuss your specific needs and provide details on products relevant to your installations.

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Marketing Support

We have a dedicated downloads section where you will find all our product brochures available in PDF format.

Should you require a brochure delivery or other marketing materials, please contact our marketing department  by emailing marketing@prefixsystems.co.uk