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17th April 2018

Refurbishment market still going strong

77,000 conservatories were refurbished in 2017

Although the amount of new conservatories being installed in the UK has declined over the years, there is still a huge market for conservatory refurbishment.

During the height of conservatory popularity in 2006, over a quarter of a million conservatories were built in the UK which is an impressive amount when comparing it to last years figures of just 77,000. Due to the recession, homeowners aren't looking to add conservatories to their properties the same as they did years ago yet if they have one already that was added to their property in the height of the conservatory era, homeowners are looking to invest in refurbishing them to provide them with extra space they can use all year round.

60,000 conservatory refurbishments were carried out in the UK throughout 2017 with the increase of solid roof installations being at the forefront of these. Solid roofs provide longevity and a room in the house similar to an extension providing a warm (yet cool in summer) room that homeowners can enjoy all year round. Our WARMroof system is the most configurable and structurally robust, insulated and tiled roof in the UK market. It is designed to blend seamlessly with your home, providing substantial extra living space that can be harnessed for a wide range of uses. This roof is rapidly becoming the desired choice for conservatory refurbishments by consumers across the UK and Ireland. It provides the light and airy environment of a conservatory yet with the solid, robust feel of an extension. 

There is a still a huge refurbishment market out there with 3 million conservatories still in need of a refurbishment. The market is just growing too with new and exciting products coming to light. We have a wide range of products suitable for the refurbishment market from solar controlled glass roofs and solid roofs to full kit aluminium extensions. 

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